PM Narendra Modi’s plan to recruit women army forces for the security of Sabarimala

A fierce protest against the Supreme Court order about the entry of women devotees to Sabrimala has heated up the situation. The Supreme Court has ordered Karnataka Govt. to supply with police forces to safeguard the residents of Sabarimala from the barbaric horde.

Karnataka CM Kumarswamy who spoke about the Keralites entreating not to send women police force to Sabarimala said that “We aren’t interfering in Sabarimala issue and don’t want to hurt the feelings of the devotees, but we cannot snub the orders of the Supreme Court”.

Whereas PM Narendra Modi is planning to recruit women army and police forces to pacify the protesters which has added fuel to the protest.

This makes it clear that the Karnataka govt. is not at all responsible for the plan of recruiting women police forces. So it is completely hysteric to blame this upon the Karnataka Chief Minister H.D Kumarswamy who is no way related to this decision taken by Modi.

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